penshongasutohofumeraji of foot of Fuji Lake Kawaguchi

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Accommodation of healing that is immediate to shore to see inverted image of Mt.Fuji. We are proud of European original dinner!

Pension gafutohofumeraji of foot of Fuji Lake Kawaguchi

Atmosphere of adult that the hall of walk-in-style, lounge and interior of colonnade are chic is accommodation of healing that there is. We prepare European original dinner and craft beer and wine which valued sense of the seasons and look forward to your coming.

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We send mainly on customer album and Fuji, seasonal information of Lake Kawaguchi.
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[company HP-limited plan] Relax relaxedly; is with half board

[company HP-limited plan] Relax relaxedly; is with half board

It is specially discounted plan only for person who had reservation from company homepage. I make original European dinner which took in seasonal seasonal thing heartily in meraji. Dinner saws roast basil source, regional chicken of salmon and Gorgonzola of Japanese radish, bread, dessert using nature yeast in assortment, soup, autumn of appetizer, and stand, and please enjoy to coffee slowly (dishes change contents by the stocking situation). We are free that Flavour tea of several kinds of coffee and tea and others which breakfast saws bean just before summons, and can be ready all changes and does! We can have another serving of warm bread. We charter bath, and two and jacuzzi until 11:00 p.m. can use possible inside bath free.

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We celebrate with cake of room service! [memorial day ♪] Plan

We celebrate with cake of room service! [memorial day ♪] Plan

After having had dinner, it is plan to send cake and mini-wine to room with set at about 21:00. It is ... for memory memorable in important memorial day with important person. (fruit of cake changes by season)

Recommendation plan

[with Fujikyu Highland passport] Plan that there is dinner in in the morning

[with Fujikyu Highland passport] Plan that there is dinner in in the morning

Plan that is with half board, and is virtue of with free pass ticket of Fujikyu Highland! Go to highland; and much-talked-about "overbearing", "yes," let's ride "steel frame leader of the valets"! It is challenge in Fujiyama, Guinness including dodompa.

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Thank you for your voice of customer.

Dishes were very delicious and had with craft beer. Another bread provides grilled length, too. We strolled in shore before breakfast, but Mount Fuji was well beautiful, too, and weather was comfortable, too. Fell and tossed in doggy of chattering with owner couple and two and was able to spend a fun time.
When we go out to Lake Kawaguchi to play, it wants to come again.

Getting and back in a day often resulted in going to Lake Kawaguchi, but it would be said so that we were, and person who went for the first time turned around slowly and reserved this pension. Owner couple was openhearted people. Dinner becomes full. As they can have another serving of bread, are even men enough?…Breakfast was delicious, too. Because it was objective one of the trips to see Mount Fuji, we see from room and are lucky.

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"We like photograph and take Fuji Five Lakes and walk. If it is View Point, ask." Honor "love dishes and wanko. We are thinking about menu using seasonal ingredients every day. We fall into the mokka flamenco." Mom

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