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All of you hello.

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"We like photograph and take Fuji Five Lakes and walk. If it is View Point, ask." Honor "love dishes and wanko. We are thinking about menu using seasonal ingredients every day. We fall into the mokka flamenco." Mom

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Meal, liquor is happy if it meets the tastes of.

meraji located in northern coast of Lake Kawaguchi is a 5-minute walk to lake. We can enjoy walk of inverted image of Mt.Fuji in morning of fine weather. In addition, Mori Art Museum of music box, certain mawashi theater, art museum of Dayan of cat, experience-based studio craft park, Icchiku Kubota Museum are within walking distance, and there is tourist facility a lot. We take a walk through shore of row of cherry blossom trees in spring and turnout u colored leaves Festival venue is near in a large number of people in autumn, too and is convenient at all. We make an effort to be able to spend with delicious dishes slowly leisurely with magnificent Mount Fuji.

Private space

The hall is twin, and there are double, DX twin, guest room of four-bedded room. If plan of trip is fixed as we keep in mind to prepare room to request if possible, please refer early if possible.


Twin room

Photograph is twin room. It is with shower room, restroom, washing face, free TV, air-conditioning in all rooms. Person who wants to soak in hot water slowly, please use bath on the first floor. Correspondence reservations are possible for 24 hours.
There is aroma pot in each room, and aroma oil of lavender is put. You are wrapped in fragrance of aroma, and please make relaxation. It supports wireless LAN in hall. One to use as there is not rental PC, please bring note PC.


Bath towel, face towel, toothbrush set, leather, cotton set, body soap, conditioner in shampoo, hand soap

Guest room equipment

TV, air-conditioner, heating, aroma pot, desk & chair, hanger, slippers, dryer, wireless LAN correspondence

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Public space

Space of colonnade is very comfortable in all facilities in accommodation of walk-in-style. Jacuzzi and chartered bath are popular, too.



Two artificial hot springs are not big at all for reservations 24 hours that we can take advantage of in two people, but it is available anytime and is popular when we can take a bath even early in the morning. The late-night use is OK if we have you take a bath calmly. When you want hot spring, outdoor bath, please use outside partner facility with option.

Lounge and dining room

Lounge and dining room

Ceiling is high in lounge of colonnade with firewood stove and dining room and is very comfortable. We see Mount Fuji from south window, too.

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Outside partner facility

A lot of discount coupon of facility right here prepare.

Fujikyu Highland

Fujikyu Highland

"Yes," it is screaming of Guinness world record authorization "dodompa" Fujikyu Highland where there are full of machine and popular attractions. As for a lot of unique gourmet spot and original shops. It is full of pleasure as we cannot play in a day

Fujikyu Highland official site

Mori Art Museum of Lake Kawaguchi music box

Mori Art Museum of Lake Kawaguchi music box

Gorgeous hall of lord noble of the Middle Ages to stand still in the shore of natural rich Lake Kawaguchi. It is magnificent in garden There are na entrance hall and display of precious music box and plays elegant tone. Garden where seasonal flowers and old rose are in full glory is wonderful. Space that loses the noble world, and was crowded spreads out

Forest official site of Lake Kawaguchi music box

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