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Accomodation clause


Accommodation contract that Article 1 this hotel concludes between hotel guest and contract in conjunction with this shall depend on place to establish of this article and, about matter which this article does not establish, shall depend on laws and ordinances or custom that generally was established.

2.When this museum accepted article as far as laws and ordinances and custom are not, regardless of rule of foregoing paragraph, the special contract shall take first priority.

(application for accommodation contract)

Person who is going to apply for accommodation contract to Article 2 this hotel, please offer the next matter to this museum.

  1. Hotel guest name
  2. Accommodation date and estimated arrival time
  3. Matter which other this museum recognizes as need

2. When hotel guest offers continuation of accommodation during accommodation more than accommodation date of foregoing paragraph second, application of new accommodation contract processes this hotel as thing which there was when the proposal was accomplished.

(completion of accommodation contract)

When this hotel consented to application for preceding article, Article 3 accommodation contract shall be established. But it is not this limit when this hotel proved that we did not consent.

(refusal of the accommodation contract conclusion)

When Article 4 this museum raises next, they may not accept the conclusion of accommodation contract.

  1. When application for accommodation does not depend on this article.
  2. When it has no room for guest room by no vacancies (in).
  3. When it is admitted that person who is going to stay might trouble other hotel guests as act that manners and customs of rule of laws and ordinances, public order or goodness are against about accommodation, purpose including banquet.
  4. When it is admitted that person who is going to stay is person with epidemic clearly.
  5. When burden more than rational ranges was found about accommodation.
  6. When we cannot let you stay by natural disaster, trouble of facility, other unavoidable reasons.

(contract right of discharge of contract of hotel guest)

Article 5 hotel guest reports to this museum and can cancel accommodation contract.
2. When this hotel releases all or some accommodation contracts by reason that hotel guest should put the blame of on the torture

3. When two hours passed than estimated arrival time without arriving even if hotel guest becomes estimated arrival time without communication in this hotel, we consider that the accommodation contract was canceled by hotel guest and process.

(contract right of discharge of contract of this hotel)

When we raise next, Article 6 this hotel may remove accommodation contract.

  1. When it is admitted that we might do act to be against manners and customs of act that might give act that hotel guest damages the accommodations about accommodation again, rule of laws and ordinances, public order or goodness or when it is admitted that we did the act. When act that might run again when we troubled other hotel guests is clear
  2. When it is admitted that hotel guest is person with epidemic clearly.
    When burden more than rational ranges was found about accommodation.
  3. When natural disasters cannot let you stay by reason due to inevitability.
  4. When we do not follow verboten (necessary thing is best in fire prevention) of use rule that smoking in bed in bedroom, mischief for facilities for firefighting, other this museum establish.

2. When this hotel removed accommodation terms based on rule of foregoing paragraph, we do not have rates such as accommodation services that hotel guest does not yet receive offer.

(registration of accommodation)

On the day Article 7 hotel guest, please register the next matter in the front desk of this hotel on accommodation date.

  1. Full name, age, sex, address of hotel guest
  2. When meet foreigner, nationality, passport number, entry place and the entry date
  3. The departure date and starting estimated time
  4. Matter which other this museum recognizes as need

(use time for guest room)

It is said that time when Article 8 hotel guest can use guest room of this hotel is from 3:00 p.m. to next morning 10:00.

2.This museum may accept use of guest room of overtime to fix for the clause regardless of rule of foregoing paragraph.
In this case, we charge additional charge to advocate next.

  1. Until excess three hours, it is 40% of amount of room charge equivalency
  2. Until excess five hours, it is 80% of amount of room charge equivalency

(the observance of use rule)

Article 9 hotel guest puts in this hotel, and please obey this use rule that this museum established.

(facility business hours)

It is said that it is as follows for business hours such as main facilities of Article 10 this hotel.

  1. Service time of the front desk:
    The i closing time       11:00 p.m.
    It is 10:00 p.m. from rofurontosabisu 7:00 a.m.
  2. As for eating and drinking, it is (facility) service time:
    i breakfast      It is dining from 8:30 a.m.
    ro dinner      It is dining from 6:30 p.m.
    We may change time to necessary yamuoenai case temporarily. In that case, we will tell with suitable method.
  3. We drink, and carry-on to butsushokubutsujikomikyakushitsu is free, but please refrain from use of kitchen utensil (please take garbage home with you). Please refrain from eating and drinking in (dining) other than guest room.

(payment of rate)

When in the case of departure of hotel guest or this hotel requested by method that this hotel accepted, payment such as the Article 11 hotel charges has you perform in the front desk.

(the handling when we cannot provide guest room which we contracted)

When we cannot provide guest room which we contracted to hotel guest, Article 12 this hotel gets the consent of hotel guest and shall recommend other accommodations by condition same as possible.
2. When they cannot mediate other accommodations regardless of rule of foregoing paragraph, this museum pays compensation charges of the amount of cancelation cost equivalency to hotel guest, and compensation charges allot to the amount of compensation for damages. But, about not being able to provide guest room, we do not pay compensation charges when there is not reason that should come to torture of this hotel.

(the handling such as deposits)

When Article 13 hotel guest is staying, and the damage such as loss, damage occurred in the front about article cash put off and valuables, this hotel compensates for 100,000 yen as limit by the damage unless it is unavoidable.
2. Even if it is article which hotel guest brought into guest room or cash and valuable, all responsibility cannot be due to the front about thing which was not not obtained.

(storage of baggage of hotel guest or accouterment)

When baggage of Article 14 hotel guest arrives at this hotel prior to accommodation, I keep with responsibility only when this museum consents before the arrival and hand when hotel guest checks in in the front desk.
2. When the owner became clear when baggage of hotel guest or portable article is left in this hotel after hotel guest checked out, this museum contacts the owner concerned and shall demand the instructions. But when there are not instructions of owner or when owner does not become clear, we keep for seven days including discovery day and send to the nearest police station afterwards.

(responsibility of parking)

When Article 15 hotel guest uses parking lot of this hotel, regardless of deposition of the key to vehicle, this museum lends place and does not suffer until managerial responsibility of vehicle.

(responsibility of hotel guest)

When this hotel suffered damage by intention of Article 16 hotel guest or fault, the hotel guest concerned, please compensate for the damage for this hotel.
<breakdowns such as compensation before the damage restoring>
The total sum that hotel guest should pay
□Their total amount such as soil, destruction, damage, theft such as appliance, equipment, interior, one of exterior
□Accommodation compensation rate breakdown: Basic hotel charges) x days
□Tax breakdown: i. Consumption tax

(notice of cancelation cost)

When we cancel accommodation contract on account of the Article 17 hotel guest, we accept cancelation cost (cancellation fee) to determine particularly.

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Cancellation policy

We charge cancellation fee as follows.

Non-night without communication :100% of hotel charges
From day before 22:00: 80% of hotel charges 
From four days ago 22:00: 50% of hotel charges 
From eight days ago 22:00: 20% of hotel charges 

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Privacy Policy

This museum wants to value privacy policy, and they try for protection of personal information based on the following.

  1. About the acquisition of personal information This museum acquires personal information by legitimate and fair means. It is based on the hotel business method and uses contents having you register at the time of accommodation than customer in providing service in this hotel.
  2. About the use of personal information This hotel uses in accomplishment of duties in the range of use purpose that showed personal information in the case of the acquisition as far as it is necessary. This museum does not offer personal information to third party unless they fix for laws and ordinances without with consent of the person beforehand.
  3. About management of personal information
    This hotel keeps accuracy of personal information and manages this safely.
  4. About disclosure, correction, suspension, removal of personal information
    Customer confirms that this museum has right to demand disclosure, correction, suspension, removal about personal information of self, and they cope immediately when there are these demands.

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